Financial Literacy

UH-EDN will assist participants with obtaining banking resources, business mentoring, and identifying contracting and growth opportunities for their business.  Rounding out the training experience is the enrichment of the development process through micro enterprise services provided by UH-EDN Alumni and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).  These services are identified as developmental areas for multiple target industries.

Motivational Seminars and Multimedia Materials

The UH-EDN will reach out to their extensive business development network of subject matter experts to provide motivational training to encourage and foster a passion for entrepreneurship.  Technology will also be maximized to enhance technical proficiency and utilization of multimedia.

Business Consulting

Classroom training is balanced with one-on-one consultation to provide industry and business owner specific feedback and guidance.

Accounting and Legal Services

The UH-EDN team has direct resources to assist start-up and existing businesses with accounting and legal services to assist with contracting and growth opportunities.

The Benefits

One of the many benefits of this training is local, national and global network of alumni conducting business with each other, generating millions annually and who return as subject latter experts to teach in both the class and workshops offered by UH-EDN